training programs

Building a better you, together.


We understand everyone has their own goals and set of experiences. That’s why the village offers a variety of programs centered on functional training. To start, we’re offering four unique programs that each promise to deliver workouts and recovery that will lead you to your goals. And, this is just the beginning.

Strength & Conditioning

We believe in the founding principles that gave life to CrossFit. True to form, our workouts combine a variety of functional movements. In these sessions, you’ll encounter everything from power and olympic lifting, to cardio, endurance, and gymnastic skills.


These workouts are designed to get you moving, increase intensity, and get your heart rate into your peak performance zones. Beyond a degree of strength and skill training, interval based sessions will combine light to moderate loads with bodyweight and gymnastics movements.



Centered around functional range conditioning principles, we go well beyond the gratuitous stretch session to really dig in and make sure your body is moving the way it can and should. No matter your fitness fix, you can benefit. Our approach works the parts we don’t realize we ignore, and has the added benefit of improving performance and decreasing risk of pain or injury.


Perfect for your active recovery, our yoga is mindful of the athlete and fitness junkie’s daily routine and how much we challenge our bodies on the regular. Here, we bring together an elegant flow designed to challenge and recover.


In the pipeline:

We’re only getting started. Soon to come as we continue to grow:

  • Onsite physical therapy

  • Onsite manual therapy

  • Nutritional guidance

  • General health guidance

  • Workshops and seminars

  • Certifications

  • Special events and competitions