About us 

We think you deserve mentors who are deeply passionate about how you move, lift and live your life each and every day.

We take great care in understanding your lifestyle and habits so we can make informed decisions about how we can optimize and improve.

We love a good workout just as much as you do. But the village isn’t just about lifting weights or getting your heart rate up. We believe understanding the bigger picture and the gritty details is the only way to guarantee and enjoy sustainable health and fitness.. 


the village


Set in 6,700 square feet of open space, the village is home to two unique spaces each operating its own array of group training sessions and individualized services.


An open plan designed for a broad range of modalities that aim to elevate the ability to move often and well. Here, we’ll strive to strengthen our understanding that how we move directly impacts our ability to recover, prevent pain and injury, and increase longevity.


Built for performance, here we emphasize strength and conditioning. Fully equipped with up-to-date toys designed to challenge our capacity to work and load, increasing power and endurance output over time.



19 SW 6th Street
Miami, FL 33130